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Spiegel Outfitters uses the best equipment in the direct to garment industry to provide the best quality products at a reasonable price. We work with small businesses, large corporations, individuals, and non-profits. Since we are a young and creative business we are here to impress, and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and deliver amazing products.


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Advantages of DTG
No Setup Fees
The printer is digital, so there are no more expensive setup fees
No Color Limitations
Print as many colors you would like no extra charges
No Cracking or Fading
With water based ink you will no longer experience cracking or fading.
Environmentally Friendly
Our water based inks are environmentally-friendly and child safe.
About DTG

Direct To Garment Printing

uses digital printing along with water-based inks to provide the highest in quality and detail. The printing method is completely digital so there are no set-up fees, or extra charges for additional colors. With our water-based inks, the ink binds to the fabric eliminating cracking in the print and providing a better feel to the garment.

Environmentally Friendly

Our water based inks meet strict environmental regulations while offering efficiency over dye-based inks. Our inks are bright, intense, have long-term durability while remaining child safe and environmentally-friendly. We offer the perfect colors required for your brands and logos.

Supply your business with quality uniforms and apparel.
Get amazing quality shirts for your wholesale marketplace.
Get amazing quality shirts for your retail marketplace.
On-demand, online printing, fulfillment and shipping

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